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Japan May Delay Process For Picking Casino Host Cities


TOKYO - The Japanese government is considering slowing down the process of choosing a casino's host city amid a bribery scandal that saw the arrest of Asahi lawmakers and other local media reported on Tuesday.

Initially, the government plans to establish a basic framework for determining city selection guidelines. But now looking to postpone the process, Asahi reports referring to the government and political party sources.

Last month, prosecutors arrested Tsukasa Arimoto, the Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) lawmaker, who previously oversaw casino policies, suspecting he accepted bribes from companies wishing to build casinos in Japan.The arrest hardened the opposition against the unpopular plan for allowing casinos in Japan.

Hamstrung Due to the declining economy, the population and tax base, Japan is accelerating driving tourism through a "full resort" - Las Vegas style complex. In which his outstanding story is baccarat Including casinos, shopping malls and convention centers Some analysts say the casino market may be worth $ 20 billion a year or more.

The government has approved a license to build three integrated resorts and expects to receive official quotations from interested parties in 2021.The winning bidders are Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka, the three largest cities in Japan, and small cities such as Nagasaki and Wakayama.

Reporting by : CASABET24